• Rising star Chloe Golding enjoys Watershack!

    Chloe Golding from City of Manchester Swim Team is a young, super star backstroker on her way up in the world of swimming. Chloe loves wearing the new brand Watershack and enjoys feeling confident wearing her swim suits in training and while representing abroad. Chloe is GB National Champion in her age group and has represented GB at European Juniors. She has been rocking out some really fast times this season and is looking forward to racing at the British Championships in April at Sheffield Ponds Forge.



    Swimpath and Watershack aim to support up and coming swimmers like Chloe on their journey to being the best they can be. We look forward to following Chloe's progress!! Watch out for her swimming in the Backstroke events at the British Championships next month!

  • Rio Olympian Chloe Tutton enjoys Watershacks new swim suits.

    Watershack is a new brand of swim suits and leisure wear designed by double Olympian Jemma Lowe, Buttefly specialist and British record holder. Being part of the British Swimming Team and competing on the world stage for over 10 years, Jemma now wants to bring something back to the sport and support up and coming swimmers.

    Chloe Tutton, Cardiff based swimmer, competed in the Rio Olympics and swam in the 200m Breastroke final! Chloe is a young upcoming  breastroke swimmer and won her first World SC medal for GB in December. As former team mate of Jemma Lowe on the welsh Commonwealth team, Chloe has joined the Watershack brand and is now enjoying the new range of swim suits and attire in training and outside the pool!

    jemchloe                                               chloepool


    Watershack aims to bring fun, fashion and comfort with an outgoing style for people who enjoy an active lifestyle. The swim suits are designed for swimmers in hard training, people who love being in the water, but can be worn for any of your water activities!


    image                               image

    Follow Watershack on Facebook and Instagram: wateshack1 to keep up to date.

    Follow Chloe Tutton on instagram: chloemtutton to keep up to date with her progress.

    Follow Jemma Lowe on instagram: jemmalowe1 and twitter to find out how she is supporting future swimmer stars.

  • Tumble turns

    Watch this video to see our Olympian Jemma Lowe demonstrating freestyle tumble turns.

    Tumble turns can make a massive difference to a race. Fast turns can win races and massively improve times. These turns are used for front crawl and backstroke; they are a skill and CAN be improved by repetitive practise. The swimmer uses the momentum from the swim into the wall to make a fast turning action. The transition between the swimming action and the turn should be continuous. The head tucks down into the chest as the body follows and spins in a forward somersault action. Judging the timing of the turn into the wall is the key to creating a strong push off with the legs, the legs want to be bent at around a 90degree.

    Practising turns everyday in training is the best way to make improvements and for them to become habit in a race!


  • Butterfly turns

    Watch this video to see a demonstration of our Olympian Jemma Lowe doing Butterfly turns.

    Turns are extremely important in a race, they can make a massive improvement to times and can be the difference between winning and losing a race. A touch turn is used for the butterfly stroke, here you can see Jemma practising the turns across a width of a pool. This is a great way to practise fast turns and reinforce the correct turning action, as well as the under water kick. An important factor of a fast turn is getting the timing into the wall right, the swimmer needs to hit the wall with the arms slightly bent as the arms enter the water after the recovery phase. At this point the momentum from the swim into the wall will carry through into the turn, if the swimmer hits the turn too close or too far away from the wall a lot of speed will be lost. The head is kept low and looking forward, there should be no lifting or twisting of the head as this wastes time and energy. The knees tuck up tight and the body rotates in a backward somersault action, followed by the feet being placed onto the wall to allow a strong push off.

    The best way to improve your turns is to practise them everyday in training! Very important for short course racing!


  • Summer Exercises

    When Summer finally comes around and all the competitions have been and gone, hard working swimmers are mentally and physically ready for a break. Rest and time away from the sport is extremely important for athletes that train at such high intensity through out the year. The body needs to rest and recover to be able to work hard again in the new year ahead. An average summer break for swimmers can be between 2-4 weeks, in this time a lot of fitness and strength can be lost and swimming can feel very difficult at the start of the new season.

    Results from the Summer meets for all individuals will be different, some happy and some disappointed, but motivated swimmers will have new goals for the next season and competitions ahead. Consistency in training is important to get good results and one way to avoid missing training is to prevent injury. During my swimming career I experienced quite a few injuries and they were extremely frustrating! When a swimmer actually wants to train and can't because of injury, it can be really tough mentally to get through. At the start of a new training block after the Summer, swimmer's can be at a higher risk of injury as they have lost some muscular strength, endurance and stability. For swimmer's that want to avoid injuries, and are really motivated to reach their goals for next year, I recommend doing some injury prevention exercises during their time off away from the pool. The following exercises are not time consuming, can be done daily and are easy to do in your own choice of space:

    Shoulder exercises

    Small and slow movements to be made by the scapulars at the back of the shoulder for all exercises (30-60seconds rest between sets):

    lifting the arms off the floor and back down. (20+ reps) x3



    T/W/Y shapes made with the arms. Move from T to W to Y and back to W to T. 15reps (1rep= from T back to T) x 3

    T-DSCN1458                                                          W- DSCN1449

    Y- DSCN1453

    Light dumbell, or light object you can hold in your hand, here I'm using 3kg. Keeping the arm straight, lift the shoulder off the floor and raise the arm straight up. (15reps each arm) x3

    1-DSCN1488                                                              2- DSCN1489

    Core Exercises 

    Abdonimals, Glutes and Scapulars to be switched on and controlling the position of the exercises. Maintain a straight back position, keeping the head in line with the spine. 

    Front plank into to side plank, left and right side. Side plank can be done from the knees to make it easier if good body position cannot be maintained. Hold for (30seconds each position) x3, 30 seconds rest bewteen sets.

    1-DSCN1429                                                            2-DSCN14303- other side.

    Use of a gym ball. Gym balls are great for core exercises and developing good core strength. If you have one available to use try this exercise:

    DSCN1427 Holding a plank position with your legs raised on the ball. To increase difficulty move the ball towards your feet or try raise 1 arm and hold good position without falling off. (30second holds) x3 30seconds rest.


    Give them a go and be confident you can begin training with stronger stability!

  • SwimPath's countdown to charity swim...

    On June 17th SwimPath's own Head Coach Jez Birds and Pro Star Jemma Lowe are set to join in the 'Longest Swim on the Longest Day' charity event in support of the Raj K Soni legacy fund, designed to support and inspire local young people through sport and music.

    The aim of the day is to swim as many lengths as possible at the Portishead open air pool, with a mixture of individual swims, relay races and group sessions, and to total as much support as possible for this great cause.

    Jez's United Bristol Swimming Club will also take part in the days event and will form some early morning training sessions as well as joining in the relay races during the evening.

    You can catch Jez and Jemma taking part in the main relay event of the evening at 5pm where a team of ex Olympic and International swimmers (with Olympic Silver medallist Paul Palmer joining Jez, Jemma, Andy Clayton and Simon Handley) will pit their fading endurance levels (Jemma aside obviously) against the younger blood of United Bristol's Youth and Senior members.

    SwimPath are proud to be a part of this great fund and would love your support in raising as much money as possible for this worthwhile cause. To donate please visit the United Bristol fundraising page here and then why not head on down to the pool where there will be refreshments and food served to add to the great community atmosphere.

    We wish Jez and Jemma luck against the UBSC younglings (who have toppled the mighty Internationals 2 years on the trot!!!) as well as the many SwimPath sponsored swimmers who will be involved also!

  • Jemma Lowe sets her sights high...

    In the exciting build up to this years Olympic Trials and following on from our earlier episode featuring SwimPath Pro Rebecca Guy, we caught up with our very own Jemma Lowe - who alongside performing presentations, giving talks, signing bags, coaching at clinics and designing swimsuits (look out for the Water Shack range coming soon...) - is right at the crux of her preparation for next weeks showdown in Glasgow. We asked her how her training has been going so far, how it would feel to make that 3rd Olympics and how does she manage to stay focussed and positive, at the top of her game, in a sport that isn't renowned for earning big bucks!!

    Jemma starts with the 200m Butterfly on Thursday 14th April - Click here for info and tickets!

    I started the new year of 2016, the Olympic season, in Australia on a seven week hot weather training camp. A group of Bath NTC and Loughborough NTC joined together on the Gold Coast, at The Southport School, once home to Britain’s offshore centre, for a great block of training as a team in the sun. The main reason for going to Australia was to get away from the UK’s winter; as swimmers we go through high intensity training from September for around seven months and during winter the chance of illness gets much higher as our immune systems become suppressed. This trip was a great opportunity to avoid illness and having to miss out on any potential training gains. Continue reading

  • Sponsored Swimmer smashes it in Swansea!

    SwimPath's sponsored starlet Liv literally laid the law (too much?!?!) down in Swansea with a plethora of Championship swims, personal records and age group best times at last weekends Welsh National Championships.

    In a tremendously successful weekend she became the 11 year old champion in the 50, 100 and 200m Breaststroke as well as securing silver medals in the 200m Individual Medley, 50 and 100m Backstroke, with a sprinkling of Bronze in the 200m Backstroke.

    IMG_1432 Liv and her myriad of awards - very impressive!!


    To cap an incredible weekend for the young swimmer form Holyhead, Liv Davies also secured her spot as the fastest 11 year old in Britain in the 50m and 200m Breaststroke events, showing why she is regarded as such an exciting prospect for the future and why SwimPath are proud to be supporting her journey!!

    Great job Liv, keep up the hard work!


  • The Rio Trials Build Up for SwimPath Pro Rebecca Guy...

    With only 3 weeks to go until this years Olympic Trials, we caught up with SwimPath Pro Rebecca Guy to see what she's been up to and how her preparations are going for April; what she has been up to this season and that all important question: Are you enjoying the ride??? Continue reading

  • RAMP-ing your warm ups

    As a coach I have been guilty of setting 400m loosen as a warm up - in fact it became a mainstay to every session. Not that there is much drastically wrong with it, apart from the fact that it didn't really do much other than get the swimmer wet! Once in and the loosen completed we would then go into some building work and actually address 'warming up' (as opposed to the cooling down offered by a slow 400m in water colder than the air temperature on deck!) When I started to look at my warm ups a bit closer, I realised that I was just trying to 'take up' the first 20 minutes or so of a 2hr session, because usually what I wanted to get out of the session didn't require 2 hours... Continue reading

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