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Swimpath Offers clubs the benefit from earning 10% cash back from purchases made by your members OR points towards having one of our Olympic Swimmers Attend your Gala or provide a Swim Clinic for your club. This Offer allows clubs to receive a commission for every purchase made through your link using the club code we provide. We welcome swimming clubs, Triathlon Clubs and Swim Teams, contact us if your club would like to recieve this offer and have Swimpath on your website.

The more your club members use the code the more your club will earn! Put up a reminder on your club notice board, or include a reminder in your newsletter to remind members that buying through your link could benefit the whole club!

We will assist you in setting up your club page and will supply you with any accompanying links. However, it is solely the clubs responsibility to ensure the relevant URL links are displayed correctly on the clubs own website/blog as provided. 

See how much you could save or earn for your club and request information from

Swimpath's Starter Pack offer 

This Kit bag is perfect for new swimmers starting out at a new club that requires equipment for their training sessions. Check out our shop to see our great deals and different variations of kit bags, ideal for juniors or seniors. You can buy the whole equipment bag or if you only need certain products you can buy them individually. 

Finis Technical Equipment                        finis

Ideal for swimmers wanting to improve their technique and looking for those extra gains.

Try Before You Buy!

Swimpath offers a Finis box full of Finis Training Equipmnet to your club for swimmers to try in the pool. Coaches and swimmers have the chance to test each piece of equipment in training and decide what will benefit their needs. All equipment that you like can then be purchased from our Swimpath shop. 

Finis Equipment Box

Check out our Finis Products to find out more about each helpful training tool!

Deposit will be required to receive a box of Finis Equipment for your club. Full deposit refundable once all equipment had been returned.