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    SwimPath Blog — Training & Technique

    Improve Strength, Stability and Fitness from home with the new Spokey Gym Range.

    Improve Strength, Stability and Fitness from home with the new Spokey Gym Range.

    SwimPath have introduced a new gym range from Spokey, that can help swimmer's and individual's work on their strength, stability and more in the comfort of their own home. 

    Land training can have a big impact on swimmer's performance in the pool. Fitness components such as Flexibility, Strength, Core stability and Speed can be trained on land in ways they can't in the pool. 

    With the Spokey Gym range there's no excuse to be missing out on land training. For those Club's that find it difficult to access facilities or find time for land conditioning, these gym products can be used at home or anywhere in your own free time. The range includes equipment such as Gym balls, Thera Bands, Push up bars, Skipping ropes and more that swimmer's and individuals can use to improve:

    - Strength

    - Stability

    - Flexibility

    - Endurance

    - Core strength + stability

    - Recovery

    - Injury Prevention

    All of these components can help improve Body Position in the water, Speed and Power, and technique efficiency, as well as general fitness.

    Stay ahead of the competition with Spokey's Gym range and give yourself the best chance of reaching your personal goals.


    Enhance Recovery with 2XU & More Mile

    Enhance Recovery with 2XU & More Mile

    SwimPath now stock products to help aid your recovery from training and racing from 2XU and More Mile! 

    2XU (Two Times You!)

    2XU is the official compression partner to some of the World's Best Sporting Teams and has the secret recovery weapon that all athletes want. 2XU compressions skins offer more than twice the compression of other skins and are engineered to be the world's lightest and most flexible compression. The compression offered by 2XU Skins can increase blood flow by 18% to muscle areas in the legs, increasing your recovery rate.
    2XU has a range of different skins with recovery compression suitable for improving recovery post competitions, between races, post training and during land training.

    More Mile

    SwimPath now stock More Mile products such as 'The Beast Foam Roller' which is a great tool to help aid recovery, increase and maintain range of movement and prevent injury. More Mile's Rolling Massage Stick is another great tool for helping with recovery, the Stick Roller is great for reaching areas that are difficult to reach with the Roller. More Mile's Beast Foam Roller and Stick Roller are high quality for money and offers these benefits:


    -Improves Circulation

    -Reduces Muscle Spams and Tightness

    -Deactivates Muscle Trigger Points

    -Improves Flexibility

    -Helps Recovery from Training and Injuries.

    See how you can improve your recovery and performance with 2XU and More Mile at SwimPath!



    How FINIS equipment improves swimming technique

    How FINIS equipment improves swimming technique

    FINIS swimming equipment has been specifically designed and tested to help swimmers improve their technique and become more efficient in the pool. FINIS has a range of different products for swimmers to use while swimming, pulling, kicking and completing drills in training.

    Swimmers around the world are now starting their new swimming season after a well earned summer break. Getting back in the pool means drilling in those good skills and technique again. Training with FINIS equipment is a great way to make sure swimmer's are practicing perfect technique as well as getting the advantage over competitors. Make technique and skills automatic before getting into race-mode with FINIS swimming equipment. View all FINIS products on SwimPath here!

    In this blog our Olympic swimmer Jemma Lowe shows you the proper way to use FINIS equipment!

    Tutorial: FINIS Edge Fins

    Jemma demonstrates how Finis Edge Fins can help improve your kick -

    Finis Edge Fins have a unique design like no other fin that improve kicking by forcing the swimmer to work the up beat as well as the down beat kick! The fins reinforce a natural, continuous kick at high speeds, builds cardiovascular endurance and activates key muscle groups for a propulsive up-kick.

    Tutorial: FINIS Agility Paddles

    Watch this video to see how Finis Agility Paddles can improve swimming efficiency -

    The Finis Agility Paddles help improve your stroke efficiency, with a unique strapless design, the paddles will give you instant feedback on your pull phase through the water. The paddles force you to use the correct pulling technique to stop them from falling off. Improve your pulling technique with these unique FINIS agility paddles.

    Tutorial: FINIS Alignment Kickboard

    Here Jemma demonstrates how the Finis Alignment Kickboard is used for improving body position -

    The Finis Alignment Kickboard is designed to develop swimmer's streamline position, by creating a perfect alignment from the fingertips to the toes. The Alignment Kickboard sits just below the waterline so swimmers can lengthen their body without kicking at an incline. The Alignment Kickboard can be used to do one arm and side kicking drills in addition to normal kicking. When paired with a snorkel, the Finis Alignment Kickboard encourages proper head alignment and improves overall technique.

    Finis training equipment makes you more aware of your technique as well as making training more fun!

    You can check out the rest of our FINIS product tutorials over on our YouTube channel.

    FINIS products are available to purchase from SwimPath!