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    SwimPath Blog

    Make the most of your Training through the Winter

    Make the most of your Training through the Winter

    Swim training during winter is one of the hardest parts of the year for swimmers and can be the most critical for having a successful season. Early mornings during Winter become very challenging as the weather in Britain gets colder and darker, making it very tempting to stay in bed especially as your body becomes more tired from training hard for months.

    One of the worst parts of being a swimmer is not being able to swim! As a hard working athlete, your immune system is reduced and the chances of getting ill are highly increased. It's very frustrating for an athlete to be ill, miss training and having to just rest while team mates are in the pool training hard! 

    The right nutrition during training periods and winter is so important to help avoid getting ill and to get the most out of each training session.

    Post Training:

    The Window of Opportunity!

    Immediately after a training session muscles are primed to accept nutrients that help muscle recovery, growth and strength. It's critical to fuel your body straight away after a workout; the best way to do this is to be prepared every session, take snacks in your swim bag which can be eaten while getting changed or stretching.

    It's best to get food in immediately and make sure you can get a good meal in within 2hours of your session finishing. Make sure your fuel includes Carbohydrates and Proteins! Doing this will allow your body to get the benefits from your training, increase the chances of consistent performance throughout each week, reduce the chances of getting ill. 

    Benefits of immediate post training nutrition:

    - Decrease chances of getting ill & injured!

    - Increase recovery,

    - Increase muscle gains, strength,

    - Reduce muscle soreness,

    - Maintain performance throughout the week.

    Vitamin D:

    The very little amount of Sun we get in the UK in Winter massively affects our stores of Vitamin D especially in hard working swimmers! Training at high intensity and volumes decreases your stores of vitamin D more than the average person. Consuming foods that contain Vitamin D, taking a Vitamin D supplement during Winter can help maintain healthy stores and have similar benefits to the post workout eating window!

    Low Vitamin D levels can:

    - reduce muscle strength, power,

    - increase chances of getting ill,

    - increase chances of getting injuries.


    Keep on top of the little things and turn your hard training into the results you want! 



    The NEW Season Speedo Racing Skins are coming to SwimPath soon!!! Watch out for when the new suits will be launched and available! Find your new favourite Speedo skin for your competitions this year.


    Speedo LZR Racer X Junior

     NEW SPEEDO racer x jammers kneeskins racesuits

    Speedo LZR Elite 2

    new speedo racesuits lzr elite 2 racer x endurance

    Speedo LZR Racer Element*

    new speedo element race suits kneeskin jammers

    Speedo Endurance+

    new speedo endurance plus + kneeskins jammers junior

    Speedo is one of the swimming world's favourite brand and best suits for getting the most out of racing! Swimmers train so hard to be the best they can be and beat their competition. Speedo skins are made to help get the best out of all the hard work and dedication by making racing even more efficient for everyone who wears them!

    Our Double Olympian Jemma Lowe's favourite race skin was the Speedo LZR Elite 2 and she broke World, British, Commonwealth & European Records in this suit!

    *The NEW Speedo LZR Racer Element is a new suit design for this season. The Speedo Element suit is a perfect suit for a swimmer's first racing skin! The skin is made with stitching making it more comfortable and a great suit to practice lots of races in!

    Look great and feel confident in the NEW Speedo Range.....Coming Soon!

    How FINIS equipment improves swimming technique

    How FINIS equipment improves swimming technique

    FINIS swimming equipment has been specifically designed and tested to help swimmers improve their technique and become more efficient in the pool. FINIS has a range of different products for swimmers to use while swimming, pulling, kicking and completing drills in training.

    Swimmers around the world are now starting their new swimming season after a well earned summer break. Getting back in the pool means drilling in those good skills and technique again. Training with FINIS equipment is a great way to make sure swimmer's are practicing perfect technique as well as getting the advantage over competitors. Make technique and skills automatic before getting into race-mode with FINIS swimming equipment. View all FINIS products on SwimPath here!

    In this blog our Olympic swimmer Jemma Lowe shows you the proper way to use FINIS equipment!

    Tutorial: FINIS Edge Fins

    Jemma demonstrates how Finis Edge Fins can help improve your kick -

    Finis Edge Fins have a unique design like no other fin that improve kicking by forcing the swimmer to work the up beat as well as the down beat kick! The fins reinforce a natural, continuous kick at high speeds, builds cardiovascular endurance and activates key muscle groups for a propulsive up-kick.

    Tutorial: FINIS Agility Paddles

    Watch this video to see how Finis Agility Paddles can improve swimming efficiency -

    The Finis Agility Paddles help improve your stroke efficiency, with a unique strapless design, the paddles will give you instant feedback on your pull phase through the water. The paddles force you to use the correct pulling technique to stop them from falling off. Improve your pulling technique with these unique FINIS agility paddles.

    Tutorial: FINIS Alignment Kickboard

    Here Jemma demonstrates how the Finis Alignment Kickboard is used for improving body position -

    The Finis Alignment Kickboard is designed to develop swimmer's streamline position, by creating a perfect alignment from the fingertips to the toes. The Alignment Kickboard sits just below the waterline so swimmers can lengthen their body without kicking at an incline. The Alignment Kickboard can be used to do one arm and side kicking drills in addition to normal kicking. When paired with a snorkel, the Finis Alignment Kickboard encourages proper head alignment and improves overall technique.

    Finis training equipment makes you more aware of your technique as well as making training more fun!

    You can check out the rest of our FINIS product tutorials over on our YouTube channel.

    FINIS products are available to purchase from SwimPath! 

    Keith Bewley Memorial Grand Prix - Recap

    Keith Bewley Memorial Grand Prix - Recap

    As we're sure you're aware, the Jemma Lowe All-Stars claimed the Top Team trophy from the Keith Bewley Memorial Gala event held on Sunday.

    It was a great day for everyone involved including our team of swimmers made up of ex-Olympic swimmers, friends and SwimPath SwimCampers - all in memory of the City of Cardiff Swimming Club coach Keith Bewley - where a fantastic £1300 was raised!

    We took some great photos at the event and would love to share some of the best with you!

    SwimPath swimmers keith bewley memorial photos group all stars

    Check out the 'Top Team' below - The Jemma Lowe All-Stars! Big thanks to everyone who took part in the event in memory of Keith Bewley!

    top team jemma lowe all stars keith bewley memorial

    Find out where SwimPath will be this weekend!

    Find out where SwimPath will be this weekend!

    This weekend, SwimPath will be in no less than four different locations across the UK at various events and meets.

    Make sure to pop along and grab yourself a bargain on swimsuits, jammers, bags, goggles and much, much more!

    Read below to see where you will be able to find us over the weekend ↓↓↓

    Gloucester Summer Meet 2017 - 15th/16th

    GL1 Leisure Centre, Bruton Way, Gloucester GL1 1DT

    City of Oxford Swim Meet - 15th/16th

    Oxford Leys Pool and Leisure Centre, Pegasus Rd, Blackbird Leys, OX4 6JL

    Cardiff Bay Sprint Meet - 15th

    Cardiff International Pool, Olympian Dr, Cardiff, CF11 0JS

    Plymouth Leander Harwich Cup Series - 15th /16th

    Plymouth Life Centre, 40 Mayflower Dr, Plymouth PL2 3DG

    2d5b3378-cdf1-4b77-9d3a-1d20df34347e.jpg (980×430)

    Come find us, feel free to have a chat about suit fittings, advice and more from one of our team members! 

    British Double Olympic Swimmer Jemma Lowe will be in Oxford along with the SwimPath SwimShop!

    See you there 👋