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    Funkita Swimwear - Swimsuits & Bikinis

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    Funkita Swimsuits - Girls & Ladies One Piece and Two Piece Swimwear

    Funkita Girls & Ladies Swimwear - Swimsuits Funkita Girls & Ladies Swimwear - Bikinis Funkita Up The Ante Swimwear Collection - New for 2023

    Originating in Australia, Funkita was created by Way Funky to supply women with fashionable swimwear and swimming costumes. Boasting high quality products, unique, interesting designs, Funkita ensures only the highest quality materials are used for all of their swim suits. Funkita is loved by swimmers all over the world, providing their customers with great swimming outfits for both training, racing and leisure. Check out Funkita's range of colourful, vibrant swimsuits on SwimPath now!

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