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    MP Michael Phelps M-PULSE Performance Racesuits

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    MP Michael Phelps M-PULSE Performance Racesuits - Kneeskins and Jammers

    The MP Michael Phelps M-PULSE kneeskins and jammers perfectly blends compression and comfort, the M-PULSE swimming racesuit offers swimmers of all abilities a FINA-approved kneeskin with outstanding water resistance.

    Smooth, flat seams make for a more streamlined suit to let you glide through the water faster than ever before. Overlock seams reduce the suits thickness to make it so light it'll feel like a second skin.

    Elevate your performance levels with the MP Michael Phelps M-PULSE racing suit, an ideal first race suit.

    MP Michael Phelps M-PULSE Racesuits at SwimPath