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    TYR Swimwear - Performance Racesuits, Swimsuits and Equipment

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    TYR Swimwear and Swimming Equipment - Backpacks, Goggles, Caps and Accessories

    TYR Performance Racesuits - Kneeskins Kneesuits TYR Performance Racesuits - Men's and Boy's Jammers TYR Girls and Womens Training Swimwear - Swimsuits and Bikinis
    TYR Boys and Mens Training Swimwear - Jammers, briefs and trunks TYR Swimming Training Aids and Equipment TYR Performance Swimming Goggles

    Founded in California, TYR creates colourful and vibrant swimsuit designs whilst being durable and improving performance!  TYR technical racing suits include kneeskins and jammers in groovy, colourful designs that will make you stand out in the crowd. Their products also include training swimwear and equipment for all training purposes, such as hand paddles, swimming caps, water bottles, backpacks and more. Check out the Invictus kneeskins and jammers ranges of racesuits which is just some of the incredible performance swimwear at SwimPath!

    TYR Performance Racesuits, Swimwear, Training Aids and Goggles