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    Feedback from Parents and swimmers, send us in your feedback which SwimPath always appreciates!


    "My son attended the Swim camp with Jemma and Tom and he had a fantastic time. He has learnt many new techniques and strategies that he is going to use during training and gala's. A worth while experience!"

    "Excellent camp. My daughter enjoys her swimming and loves attending swim camps. This camp had 4 hours of swim time and smaller number of attendees which allowed for more individualistic feedback.
    Jemma and Tom provided a great inspiration and gave honest accounts of their individual swim journeys.
    We will certainly be attending again!"

    - J Sweeney


    "My daughter aged 11 recently attended a 1 day swim camp with Jemma and Tom, she absolutely loved it. They spent quality time in the water working on technique and has since seen a difference in training. They also spent an hour in the gym working on strength and conditioning - again she really enjoyed herself. Definitely recommend to any avid swimmer."


    "My daughter (Holly) attended the camp last Friday. She said she loved meeting Jemma Lowe and Rebecca and she learnt alot about head positioning (especially on frontcrawl/looking down more to sprint). She really enjoyed it and we look forward to the next one! From my point of view, I like that she made some new friends and had a chat about nutrition. For the 1st time, she took it on board how important diet is. The swim caps are also fab."


    "Megan really enjoyed the day, her favourite part was when Jemma Lowe corrected her dive off the blocks. Megan says it's made a big difference, she was also told to work on head position and on her streamline.  The nutrition chat was helpful and Megan had lots of opportunity to ask questions. As a parent I feel that the course was really Beneficial as the groups were small and each swimmer was observed and assessed. Thanks to the SwimPath team!" 

    - Helen


    "I enjoyed all of it, but the bit I enjoyed most would have to be meeting Jemma. I learnt that your nutrition in ‘advance’ is really important and I also learnt a lot about the Olympics. I really enjoyed the day and would love to do it again."

    - Francesca